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Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Car Loans

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about auto car loans.

What is an auto car loan?

On our site, an auto car loan is a tool used to finance your new or used vehicle. An online auto car loan is usually an independent, third-party source of financing, meaning it is not offered by the dealership. An online auto car loan can save you more money than dealership financing or financing through a traditional bank or credit union because of a more competitive marketplace.

How do I apply for an auto car loan?

You can receive multiple quotes on an auto car loan for free by filling out our online application. The application will take only two or three minutes to fill out. In return, we will supply you with competitive quotes on an auto car loan from various local, regional, and national lenders. Our quotes are free and no-obligation.

Can I get an auto car loan for a used car?

You can use our site to get an auto car loan for a new or used car. Remember that, although used cars cost less than new cars, the rates on used car loans are usually less competitive than those of new car loans. We also offer auto car loan refinancing options if you already have a car loan.

How will my credit affect my auto car loan?

Your credit score will be the biggest determinant of the interest rate on your auto car loan. To qualify for the lowest interest rates, you will need to have a good credit score. Make sure you view your credit report before applying for your auto car loan to check for errors and gauge your credit standing. If you have average or below-average credit, our lenders are still willing to work with you, but you might have to pay slightly higher interest rates or put down a larger down payment.

Who will actually provide my auto car loan?

We are not a lender, but we partner with a vast network of auto car loan lenders across the nation. These are local, regional, and national lenders that we have selected for their commitment to delivering low-cost, high quality loans. Which lender will originate your loan will depend on your needs and preferences.

Should I apply for an auto car loan or lease my car?

If you prefer to get a new car every few years, don't drive that often, and take impeccable care of your vehicles, then leasing might be a viable option for you. However, at the end of a lease, you have spent almost as much money as you would've with an auto car loan, but you don't have any property to show for it. If you don't want to be bound by mileage restrictions and would like to build equity in your car, apply for an auto car loan. Check out the top car buying dont's on the next page.